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Immigration Reform News December 3, 2021/ Qué Pasa En Inmigración

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Daily Kos Senate Democrats make third immigration pitch to parliamentarian
By Gabe Ortiz
December 02, 2021

Fox News Republican senators introduce bill to block settlement payments to separated illegal immigrants
By Adam Shaw
December 02, 2021

Colorado News Online Rep. Neguse calls on Senate to keep immigration policy in social spending bill
By Faith Miller
December 03, 2021

The New York Times Mexico to Allow U.S. ‘Remain in Mexico’ Asylum Policy to Resume
By Eileen Sullivan and Oscar Lopez
December 02, 2021

The Wall Street Journal U.S. Reaches Deal to Restart ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program for Asylum Seekers
By Michelle Hackman
December 02, 2021

Politico Biden administration to restart ‘Remain in Mexico’ program under court order
By Claire Rafford
December 02, 2021

The Hill US to restart ‘Remain in Mexico’ program following court order
By Rebecca Beitsch and Rafael Bernal
December 02, 2021

CNN Due to court order, ‘Remain in Mexico’ rules for migrants are likely to restart Monday
By Geneva Sands
December 02, 2021

The Guardian Biden administration reinstates Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy
By Oliver Milman
December 02, 2021

Border Report Migrant advocates decry restart of ‘Remain in Mexico’ program
By Julian Resendiz
December 02, 2021

The New York Times Many Migrants Are Quickly Expelled, but Others Can Stay. Here’s Why.
By Eileen Sullivan
December 02, 2021

The Texas Tribune The number of undocumented immigrants in detention centers has increased by more than 50% since Biden took office
By Uriel J. Garcia
December 02, 2021

The San Diego Union Tribune (Editorial) Biden must do more for asylum-seekers. The Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ program must end.
December 02, 2021

Penn Live (Op-Ed) Labor Shortage? Why slow down immigration?
By Robert Beard
December 02, 2021