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House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer: Immigration Reform COULD Pass Through the House, If GOP Allowed

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The State of the Union address is tomorrow, but today House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (MD) went on CNN to discuss the House Democrats’ 2014 legislative priorities, including passing immigration reform.  In his comments, he reminded us that immigration reform could pass through the House today if Speaker Boehner allowed it to — there are more than enough votes.  Yet the House GOP continues to refuse to act.

Read Whip Hoyer’s comments on immigration below, or watch the video:

The fact is that the Senate passed in a very bipartisan way a comprehensive immigration bill. What the President said and what we have said we would consider is if the Republicans can move forward with some aspects of immigration reform, that’s fine. We can pass those. We’ll have to meet with the Senate that’s passed comprehensive immigration reform and see what comes out of conference. We strongly believe it needs to be a comprehensive bill, not simply a piecemeal bill, because if you pass just the economic segments – which we could support – and not the other segments that give people confidence that they can continue to work, support their families and be here, that’s not a bill that will fix the broken system. … Comprehensive immigration reform, in my opinion would pass the House today. There are 218-plus votes in my view to pass that bill. But you’re locking up pieces of legislation because you have a hardcore majority of your party that will not be for it.