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NEW MAP: Immigrants, DACA Recipients, and TPS Holders Working in Essential Industries, By State

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Last week, House Democrats passed the #HeroesAct, a stimulus bill which will help fund cities, states, and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike the stimulus bills that came before it, the Heroes Act recognizes all American workers and taxpayers, by including immigrants on the list of those who would qualify for relief. The pandemic has emphasized more than ever how much we depend on immigrants, who make up large percentages of our most essential workers. It’s time to take care of them, the way they’ve been taking care of us.

While some Republicans are actively working to divide Americans with divisive rhetoric surrounding migrant workers, immigrants have always been a major force in the American economy, and new reports have shown how much they are contributing to essential, frontline efforts. The Center for Migration Studies in New York, for example, this month published a report on essential immigrant workers by state and industry, noting for example that:

  • Immigrants are 18.3 percent of all essential workers in the U.S. nationwide, and 17.5 percent of the labor force nationwide.
  • Immigrants comprise 33 percent of health care sector workers in New York State, 32 percent in California, 31 percent in New Jersey, 23 percent in Massachusetts, 17 percent in Illinois, and 9 percent in Pennsylvania
  • Immigrants comprise a plurality or majority of workers in essential sectors in many states; for example, immigrants are 68.4 percent of agricultural workers in California, and 48.2 percent of agricultural workers in Florida

As the Heroes Act moves toward the Senate, Republican Senators would be wise to remember those who are doing crucial work in their home states. To remind them, we’ve put together this map, showing the percentage of essential immigrant workers in each state, including the number of TPS holders and DACA recipients who are working in essential industries.

Use the map to TAKE ACTION and tweet your Senators about the #HeroesAct!

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