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“When I Got DACA…I Wasn’t Afraid”: Five Dreamers Share What DACA Means To Them

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In a new video from the Chronicle of Higher Education, five DACA recipients share their accomplishments, hopes, and fears about the future of the program following the 2016 Presidential election.

The Trinity Washington University students have all excelled in their studies following the 2012 implementation of DACA, and have dreams of continuing to create change within their communities.

“DACA came as a salvation, where I had mobility,” said one DACA recipient in the video, “Dreamers In Jeopardy.” “I could get a license, and I learned how to drive. I had an independence.”

“DACA was like a rescue,” said another. She tearfully recounts the deportation of a family member, and had fears of being separated from her own children. “When I got DACA, at least I wasn’t afraid,” she said.

But, as the title of the video states, a Donald Trump Presidency is putting those dreams in jeopardy.

Throughout his campaign, the candidate pledged to revoke DACA on his day one of his Presidency, and following his win last month, advocates and Congressional leaders have made urgent calls on his Administration to leave the program in place.

“I feel afraid for my family,” says another student in the video. “I feel bad for my fellow Dreamers.”

Click below to watch the video.

Dreamers in Jeopardy