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Frank Sharry Pans Hypocritical Performance of Senator John Cornyn at The DREAM Act Hearing

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john cornynAnyone who wondered why Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) won the “Biggest Hypocrite on Immigration” award in January only had to watch his performance at last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the DREAM Act.

Our Executive Director, Frank Sharry, wrote a review of Cornyn’s “performance” as the GOP’s leading attack dog for The Hill:

Last week’s Senate Judiciary hearing on the DREAM Act adhered to a compelling public script. Featuring gripping personal performances from DREAM youth new to the national stage, such as 18-year old Ola Kaso of Michigan, and the powerful work of Obama Administration officials such as Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, “The DREAM Act” hearing was a must see. Yet amidst the strong performances of the witnesses, it was the insider veteran stage hand from Texas who stole the show. 

Reprising a now familiar role with a tour de force performance was Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) – who managed in one sitting to embody a range of personalities and characters. Shifting from a nativist ally to a Republican attack dog to a sage political pundit, Cornyn demonstrated that he’s truly a great actor, simultaneously portraying himself as sympathetic toward the plight of DREAM youth and a dedicated advocate of comprehensive immigration reform while raising the specter of DREAM youth as criminals. 

Washington has a lot of great performers, but John Cornyn on immigration continues be the best act in town. 

And what an act he is. Filled with misinformation, demagoguery and cynicism.

Frank nails Cornyn’s hypocrisy. The entire column is worth a read.