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Following Arizona’s Lead, Texas Introduces Its Own Really Ugly Anti-Immigrant Law

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TexasBreaking yesterday was news that Arizona State Senator Russel Pearce has introduced new anti-immigrant legislation SB 1116. The bill is titled “immigration omnibus,” and according to Eliza Gray at the New Republic, is “designed to insert immigration enforcement into practically every facet of Arizonan life.” 

But just when you didn’t think it could get much worse for immigrants in these United States, it actually does.

This time, it’s in Texas.

A measure filed by State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) would allow any law enforcement agency that has custody of an illegal immigrant to take the illegal to ‘the office of a U.S. Senator or Representative’ and leave them there.

1200 WOAI news reports the measure also allows county sheriff’s deputies or city police officers to ‘request an agent or employee of the United States Senator or United States Representative to sign a document acknowledging the release or discharge of the illegal immigrant at the senator’s or representative’s office.

Keeping it classy, Rep. Kolkhorst.

This is beyond absurd. It’s degrading and inhumane, and it’s also not very smart. New census data in the lone star state is providing more proof that the GOP is shooting itself in the demographic foot with its anti-immigrant ways. According to the Texas Tribune, “Hispanics alone accounted for 65 percent of the state’s growth over the last 10 years.” And Politics Daily, yesterday, noted:

The new population figures will give Texas four additional seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, expanding its political clout and share of the Electoral College pie. Census data will be used to redraw districts for Congress and the state Legislature.