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#Fast4Families Bus Tour Visits Paul Ryan Town Hall in Wisconsin

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The #Fast4Families bus tour is still going strong, and yesterday they stopped at a Paul Ryan town hall in Franklin, Wisconsin.

Ryan often says sympathetic things about immigration reform, and agrees that current laws are broken.  But he’s also done next to nothing to push immigration legislation through the House, and echoes the GOP talking point that Republicans can’t pass reform because of Obama’s record on enforcement.  (For more on how laughable that is, see here.)  Last week, Ryan joined nearly all the House Republicans in voting for two anti-immigrant bills that would effectually end DACA and allow for the deportations of DREAMers.

Ryan’s town hall yesterday mirrored this schism, as he listened to immigrant families with the Fast 4 Families tour tell their stories and share their pain, yet maintained that President Obama is the major obstacle toward immigration reform passing.  He said that he supports a path to citizenship for DREAMers, yet couldn’t say when Congress might move forward with that or immigration reform in general.

For more on the Fast 4 Families visit with Paul Ryan, view their tweets below: