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Photos of Empty Spaces: The Anti-Immigrant Rallies This Summer That Weren't

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We know, we know–August recess, and immigration reform summer, is over, and the verdicts on how pro-reform advocates won the summer are in.  Before we head into fall and the renewed pressure on Congress that our side will bring, however, we thought we’d take one more look at the other side–the opponents of immigration reform and how they’ve completely failed to make an impact this summer.

Spokespersons for their side are going around openly admitting that the opposition to immigration reform is distracted and dispirited this year.  While pro-reformers have pressured 25 House Republicans to come out publicly in favor of citizenship (some of them staunch conservatives), there is no such tally on the other side, no count of House Republicans who have newly come out against full rights for the 11 million.  And all summer long, the opposition has cancelled event after event after event around the nation, due to lack of organization and lack of interest.

Below is a photoblog of places where opposition to immigration reform just couldn’t be mustered this summer–places where anti-reform organizers had announced events that completely failed or didn’t follow through.  And this is who the GOP leadership is listening to on immigration?

In comparison, check out this list of immigration reform summer by the numbers–a tally how many events our side held, phone calls we made, etc.