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DREAMers Confront Paul Ryan on DACA; Ryan: "Read My Book"

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Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) was signing copies of his book “The Way Forward” in Florida this weekend when he was approached by DREAMers with United We Dream asking about his recent vote to end deferred action (DACA).

Here’s the encounter from Talking Points Memo, in which Ryan ignores their question and shuffles them away:

“A couple weeks ago you voted for defunding DACA,” one activist asked Ryan as a staffer snapped a photo of them on an iPad. “It would put me and my sister up for deportation. We just had a question. Do you want to deport me and my sister?”

“Thanks for coming. Read my book,” Ryan replied as another staffer escorted the activist and his sister away.

Watch the video below:

Later, another DREAMer and organizer for United We Dream told Ryan he’d already read his book.  But Ryan dismissed him too, saying, “Nah, I’m not getting any questions. I’m doing a book signing.”

The episode is reminiscent of this viral encounter from earlier this month between DREAMers Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas, and Steve King and Rand Paul.  Erika also confronted Steve King over his support for ending DACA and dared King to rip up her deferred action card.  Rand Paul made headlines for running away rather than speaking with the DREAMers.