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Dreamers, Advocates Respond to Threats Against DACA

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“We must not tire or feel defeated. Whomever gets tired, loses. We must fight.”

DACA is facing a renewed existential threat this week, after DHS Secretary John Kelly made it clear that the Trump Administration cannot be counted on to defend the program. Advocates responded with horror, and for good reason: DACA is the most successful program for immigrants in decades. Nearly 800,000 recipients – young immigrant-Americans – have been able to earn good jobs, college degrees, driver’s licenses, and more because of DACA. DACA has been an enabler of the American Dream for hundreds of thousands of young people who have strived for it the most.

In the wake of the latest DACA news, Dreamers and advocates took to Twitter to tell their stories, explain DACA and what it has meant to their lives, express fear and rage and frustration, and to call on the advocate community to stay strong and keep fighting. Here are just a few of their tweets: