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DREAM Act 101: As Fight Heats Up, Time to Read Up

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Yesterday we pointed out that each year about 65,000 students graduate from high school with zero prospects for the future. They live in constant fear of being deported. The DREAM Act would change that. 

The DREAM Act is a bipartisan measure that enables high-achieving young people – immigrants who have been raised here, have worked hard in school, and then pursue higher education or serve in the military – to achieve the American Dream. 

Seventy percent of Americans agree that it makes no moral or economic sense to spend taxpayer dollars arresting, jailing, and deporting youth who grew up in this country.  The DREAM Act allows these young people to earn their citizenship and give back to the country they call home. A national poll of 1,008 adults, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for First Focus in June 2010, shows a stunning level of support, which cuts across regional and party lines. They found 70 percent overall support, 60% support from Republicans, and 80% support from Democrats.

As advocacy for the DREAM Act, S.729, picks up steam, here are some resources to keep at your fingertips:

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