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DAPA-Eligible Family Discusses Urgent Need For Relief Following US Supreme Court Hearing

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Today, the Supreme Court held a hearing on DAPA and DACA expansion — two policies created after immigrant rights advocates shone a light on the Obama Administration’s out-of-control enforcement.

If the Supreme Court upholds President Obama’s immigration actions, up to five million undocumented immigrants will be able to work legally and live free from the threat of deportation.

One of these families is Esmeralda’s. Back in 2014, Esmeralda Cornejo of Columbus, OH finally won a stay of deportation after a grueling public advocacy campaign. She found the strength to fight in her children, all US citizens.

This afternoon, Esmeralda and her daughter, Jocelyn, joined Columbus immigration attorney Julie Nemecek in a Google Hangout on Air moderated by Lynn Tramonte of Ohio’s Voice to discuss how the immigration case could impact their family, and how Esmeralda’s near-deportation impacted their lives.