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In Colorado, Romanoff Launches Spanish-Language Ads Against Mike Coffman

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In Colorado, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) has been making some pretty silly claims about supporting immigration reform, despite what the record shows, and his Democratic challenger is determined to expose the truth — in Spanish.

Democrat Andrew Romanoff this week launched two ads (one for TV and one for radio) emphasizing his unwavering support for immigration reform, compared to Coffman’s election-year platitudes for the issue.

Watch the TV ad below:

The TV ad begins with four DREAMers and features Romanoff speaking to camera in Spanish about passing the DREAM act, strengthening our schools, raising the minimum wage, and supporting a path to citizenship.

Rep. Coffman, in comparison, has been going around his district blaming “both sides” for failing to pass immigration reform legislation while failing to mention that he once called the DREAM Act “a nightmare,” voted to deport DREAMers four times, and did absolutely nothing to further immigration reform in Congress.  Did we mention that he represents a party whose immigration platform is currently being represented by the likes of Steve King?  Not exactly a compelling message to Latino voters.

 Below is the script for the Romanoff’s ad:

“Everyone” (TV) 

DREAMer 1: No soy un delincuente.

DREAMer 2: Soy un hijo.

DREAMer 3: Un futuro astronauta.

DREAMer 4Soy estadounidense.

RomanoffY por eso es que cuando Mike Coffman dice que el Acto de Sueño es una pesadilla, está totalmente equivocado. 

Mi nombre es Andrew Romanoff. Lucharé para aumentar el salario mínimo, fortalecer nuestras escuelas y pasar la reforma migratoria con un camino a la ciudadanía. 

Apruebo este mensaje porque usted merece un congresista que lo apoye. 

English translation of “Everyone”

DREAMer 1: I’m not a criminal.

DREAMer 2: I’m a son.

DREAMer 3: A future astronaut.

DREAMer 4: I am an American.

Romanoff: And that’s why when Mike Coffman says the DREAM Act is a nightmare, he’s completely wrong.

My name is Andrew Romanoff. I’ll fight to raise the minimum wage, strengthen our schools, and pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

I approve this message because you deserve a congressman who’s looking out for you.