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Central American Parents And Children Join Leading House Democrats To Condemn Raids

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Earlier today, leading House Democrats joined Central American parents and children at a press conference to condemn news of upcoming raids and the US treatment of Central American refugees seeking asylum.

According to The Hill, “[Rep. Luis] Gutiérrez boiled down the Democrats’ message to five words: ‘Obama should stop the deportations.'”

“We must make sure that these children are not sent back to face death or injury in Central America,” said Rep. Zoe Lofgren.

“Years ago, the president said we were going to focus on felons, not families,” Rep. Lofgren continued. “To put resources into children and their mothers instead of felons as a priority — I don’t understand that. When we’re through removing all the felons, then we can talk about the [mothers] and the kids.”

El Salvador — one of the three countries in the “Northern Triangle” region of Central America — was recently named the “murder capital” of the world by the Los Angeles Times.

But instead of protecting families fleeing violence in the region, the Obama Administration is raiding homes and expediting their deportations.

“The removal operations…do not live up to our American values or our time-honored tradition of offering refuge to those fleeing violence and brutality in their own country,” said Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard.

“We agree that the administration must continue to enforce our immigration laws and deport felons and those who will do our country harm. But not women and children like you see here today.”

“We’re asking the administration to do something smarter than they’re doing now,” Rep. Lofgren said.