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CBS “Reader Poll” Shows High DREAM Act Support

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CBS Reader Poll on DREAMIn the “reader poll” conducted by CBS that accompanies the news article entitled “Obama: My Biggest Disappointment” Is Not Passing DREAM Act,” 68% of readers currently think that Congress should pass the DREAM Act.

Such articles and polls are normally trolled by those with anti-immigrant sentiments. Pin it on ALIPAC letting its list take a holiday or the fact that some trolls despise cold weather; the fact of the matter is that the temperature was always warm regarding the DREAM Act, with scientific numbers mirroring similarly to the ones in this online poll.

It’s really no surprise that the DREAM Act polls well among voters.  After all, the people who would benefit from the legislation are talented and motivated high-achievers who simply want a chance to go to college or serve in the nation’s military.  Most reliable polls show strong support for the DREAM Act across party lines.  For example, a First Focus poll from July shows that 70% of Americans support the legislation, and an election eve poll from Lake Research Partners found similar results.