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Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne Commits Hit-and-Run to Avoid Publicity Over Affair

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It looks like Tom Horne, the Arizona Attorney General who walks in lockstep with state Governor Jan Brewer about all things related to SB 1070 and immigration, is in a bit of trouble.  From the Associated Press today:

FBI agents allege Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne left the scene of a minor automobile accident because he was having an affair with a female employee in the car he was driving and didn’t want their relationship to be reported.

An FBI report released Tuesday by Phoenix police who investigated the accident said FBI agents learned during a campaign finance investigation that Horne was having an affair with the woman, Assistant Attorney General Carmen Chenal, and that they used her apartment as a rendezvous site.

“Though motive is not an element of the criminal statute listed above,” the report said, referring to Arizona’s hit-and-run law, “it stands to reason that Horne did not want any record of his presence in the parking garage of Chenal’s apartment complex thus he did not leave a note.”

Keep it classy, Arizona.