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Ana Navarro To RNC’s Hispanic Director: “I’m Old Enough To Remember When You Used To Tweet Against Donald Trump!”

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Republican strategist Ana Navarro called out RNC Director of Hispanic Communications and Donald Trump supporter Helen Aguirre Ferré for her blatant hypocrisy during a must-watch CNN interview yesterday.

After a over a year of rhetoric, we all know Donald Trump is not pivoting from his base — violence, bigotry, and intolerance — but that hasn’t stopped his Latinx apologists from still trying to convince us otherwise.

“He was thoughtful,” Aguirre Ferré laughingly claimed during the CNN interview about his recent meeting with pro-Trump Latino Republicans at Trump Tower last Saturday.

Navarro was in no mood. “He launched his campaign on the theme that Hispanics were rapists and criminals!” she said. “He’s been kicking us like puppies!”

Navarro cut to the heart of the matter, which is that Aguirre Ferré was at one time an vocal opponent of Donald Trump — that is, until she joined the RNC as a paid staffer.

“I’m old enough to remember when you used to tweet against Donald Trump!” Navarro said. “I’m old enough to remember when you used to be as offended as I am by the things Donald Trump used to say! That was before he was the nominee, before you had a RNC job!”

Media Matters was the first to note that Aguirre Ferré had scrubbed her Twitter feed of a number of anti-Trump remarks when the RNC brought her aboard in June:

Aguirre Ferré frequently tweeted criticisms of Trump, including as recently as last month. She suggested that Trump doesn’t represent the “values of the Republican Party,” tweeted that Hispanic Republicans are “caught in 2016 meat grinder” because of Trump, and wondered if Trump surrogates Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Jeff Sessions “now regret supporting Trump or do the means justify the end?” She also tweeted a link to PolitiFact awarding Trump the 2015 Lie of the Year and wrote after Trump attacked Carly Fiorina’s appearance that the country and women “deserve better” than Trump.

As we noted yesterday, Donald Trump’s plan for Latinos and immigrants has been crystal-clear since the day he descended that escalator in Trump Tower. He can try to appear to shift all he wants, but that cake is baked.