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9-Year-Old Girl Asks Eric Cantor to Help Her Father; Cantor: "I Can't Help You"

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Speaker Boehner and GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy are locking their doors to immigration reform supporters, and now Majority Leader Eric Cantor is dismissing advocate kids.

Yesterday, nine-year-old Liz Marquez–whose father is facing deportation–tried to ask Rep. Cantor to help her dad, but he blew past her and said: “I can’t help you.”

“Nice to see you,” Cantor added out as he hurried past Liz.

Watch the video below:

Liz, an American citizen from Illinois, is in Washington, DC this week with 50 other children and the Fair Immigration Reform Movement’s Youth in Action events.

“I do not want my daddy to be taken away,” Liz said. “I wanted to ask Mr. Cantor if he could help.”

For Liz and the other children with Youth in Action, this week is an opportunity to take their stories to Congress, and tell them about how their families are deeply and personally affected by the broken US immigration system.  For members of Congress, this week is yet another reminder that the immigration reform movement is not going away.  Young advocates have already been arrested at Cantor’s Hill office, accosted John Boehner at breakfast, and held pre-dawn vigils for immigration reform outside the Speaker’s house.  Until the House GOP decides to pass immigration reform, they can expect to hear more from many others like Liz.

Read more about Liz and her family here.