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4 Things You Can Do TODAY to Prepare for Executive Action

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So far, all that we know about this week’s huge executive action news is that President Obama will be making a speech tomorrow night — followed by another speech on Friday.  Who exactly the executive action will cover isn’t official yet, though news reports are estimating 4-5 million immigrants.  And we don’t know when implementation will begin — in 2012, DACA was announced in June but didn’t begin taking applicants until August.  That means that potential applicants this year need to stay informed and avoid getting scammed by notarios.  Here are a few other things you can do while you wait, courtesy of United We Dream.

Also view this list from the National Immigration Law Center, “Top 10 Ways You Can Prepare for Executive Action

1. Don’t get scammed.

There is no application process yet.  Don’t apply for anything yet and don’t give money to anyone.


2.  Save money

2012’s DACA cost applicants $465 each, though many were able to benefit from scholarships.  It’s unknown how much this year’s executive action will cost individuals, but it’s necessary that the program be paid for by applicant fees, as one bulwark against Republicans seeking to defund the program.

3.  Collect documents

Here’s a short list of things applicants are likely to need:

  • ID from home country, for example birth certificate
  • Documentation of how long you’ve been in the US and when you arrived
    • School records
    • Medical/hospital records
    • Letters
    • Utility bills
    • Rent payments
    • Passport with admission stamp
    • Copies of money order receipts or money sent in/out of the country
    • Bank transactions
  • Documentation that you are currently in the US
  • Documentation of your relationship with US citizens/legal residents
  • Any criminal records you might have

4.  Stay informed

Stay tuned for updates!  United We Dream, among others, will be staying updated with great tips.