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The Latest Episode of Our Podcast, “Senate Floor Votes” is Available Now

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This week’s edition of the America’s Voice podcast, “180 Days,” is now available. The weekly podcast covers what’s been happening in the weeks and months before the March 6, 2018 deadline for DACA. We cover the fight to protect Dreamers and pass the Dream Act – and other immigration news.

The Senate voted on four immigration amendments this week — two of which would have created a path to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers and taken them out of the ongoing crisis where hundreds are losing status and work permissions every day. We talk about what this means and how Republicans cannot go on claiming that they want to help Dreamers when they have repeatedly done nothing to pass protections for immigrant youth. The ball is still in Trump and Congressional Republicans’ court, and it’s an election year. You can bet we’ll be working to punish Republicans this fall for their complete lack of action for Dreamers.

Listen to episode 22 of our podcast below, and tune back in next Friday for more!