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The Latest Episode of Our Podcast, “State of the Union,” is Available Now

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This week’s edition of the America’s Voice podcast, “180 Days,” is now available. The weekly podcast covers what’s been happening in the weeks and months before the March 6, 2018 deadline for DACA. We cover the fight to protect Dreamers and pass the Dream Act – and other immigration news.

Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union address this week, and luckily, most reporters didn’t try to write that Trump was “pivoting” or “softening” on immigration. As predicted, Trump gave a speech that “divides, denigrates and dehumanizes based on a worldview that some are worthy and most are not.” He said that “Americans are dreamers, too” — coded language which has already become a white nationalist rallying cry — without acknowledging that Dreamers are Americans, too. Meanwhile, the March 5 official end of DACA continues to loom without Republicans making a move to protect Dreamers.

Listen to episode 20 of our podcast below, and tune back in next Friday for more!