Lou Dobbs is making a new promise: He will be back talking his red-meat issues in public very soon. In a letter just received, he says: “I will be in the public arena and engaged.” His areas of interest: “Illegal immigration, international trade, job creation, and economic growth.”

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is now reportedly making support of health care legislation conditional on White House support for immigration reform measures this year. The details aren’t clear, and the office of Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) wasn’t immediately available to discuss the question, though it’s seen as an extremely heavy lift in Congress as the midterms approach.But advocates say they still hope to get a bill moving this spring.

Carlos Ruano was down to his last $50 when his landlord kicked him out in September because he could no longer pay rent. He sent the money to his wife and children in Guatemala and spent the night riding the E train, which has a nickname among his fellow day laborers in Woodside, Queens: “hotel ambulante,” Spanish for roving hotel.

The series, in eight thematic installments and an introduction, discusses the roles played in the urgent battle for reform by law enforcement; undocumented students; anti-immigrant groups; the pro-immigrant movement; faith communities; farmers and agricultural laborers; business and labor interests; and, of course, the defining actors: the White House, Senate and House of Representatives.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged on Friday to promote a more open U.S. immigration policy during his third term, much as he made a campaign against illegal guns a hallmark of his second term.

It’s time again for New Year’s resolutions, especially if Congress and the White House really plan to reopen the explosive immigration debate in 2010. Whether or not they do depends on which part of the political carnival you’re looking at.

Lacing up new pairs of walking shoes with a flourish, four immigrant students set out on foot from downtown Miami on Friday, starting a four-month walk to Washington to protest what they called the Obama administration’s lack of action on legislation granting legal status to illegal immigrants.

A new survey from Benenson Strategy Group shows continued strong support for comprehensive immigration reform across the spectrum, including Independent voters. This is a clear case where the conventional wisdom about the politics of immigration is just plain wrong. Read on for a snapshot of where Independent voters are on the issue, by the numbers.