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Frank Sharry: Trump Campaign’s Immigration Move is a Rhetorical Shift, Not a Policy Shift

Goal is to Appeal to Suburban Voters While Maintaining Support from Nativists The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, assessing the significance of Donald Trump’s latest immigration comments, delivered last night on “The O’Reilly Factor”: “There is much talk about how Trump and his campaign are preparing to pivot on … Continue reading »

Kicking off Trump’s “Immigration Week,” Experts Discuss Implications of Breitbart-Led Presidential Campaign for Broader GOP

As the Trump campaign kicks off “immigration week” and amid conflicting stories about Donald Trump’s stance on immigration, legal experts and civil rights and immigration reform advocates discussed the implications for the Republican Party of both a Breitbart-speared campaign and the Trump-led rise of the white nationalist movement. For a recording of today’s call, click here. Heidi Beirich, Head of … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry Reacts to Trump’s Immigration Controversy

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the conflicting stories about Donald Trump and immigration after the candidate’s meeting with Hispanic supporters on Saturday. “Despite new reports from Trump that he is not, in fact, pivoting on immigration, it really doesn’t matter if he tries. He’s already defined himself with Latino … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Greg Sargent: “Trump’s ugly and dishonest new TV ad shows he isn’t changing a thing”

Maya Angelou: “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time” This morning, Trump released his first general election ad, relying heavily on the nativist rhetoric that has been so central to his campaign: “Syrian refugees flood in. Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay, collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the … Continue reading »

GOP “Leadership” Remains Silent as Trump Hires Breitbart’s White Nationalist CEO

Prominent GOPer: “That only shows that there are no Republican leaders of Lincolnian stature” When choosing new leadership to revamp his struggling campaign, Trump looked past mainstream Republican options and instead chose Stephen Bannon. As the former executive chairman for Breitbart News, Bannon spearheaded a website notorious for conspiracy theories and white nationalism. Under Bannon’s leadership, … Continue reading »

DACA Continues to Change Lives, No Thanks to Senator Rubio

The GOP’s Plan to End DACA Continues to Hurt Florida’s Economy This week marks the four-year anniversary of the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for DREAMers, a landmark action that has changed the lives of more than 49, 000 Floridians. “DACA gave me invaluable benefits: to be able to get a … Continue reading »

ICYMI: New York Times Highlights Extent of Rep. Coffman’s Shameless Demographic Pandering

Coffman’s Record Conflicts With Desperate Election Year Pandering to Latinos; Constituents Know It’s Too Little, Too Late A new piece from the New York Times’ Emmarie Huetteman traces Rep. Mike Coffman’s shameless demographic pandering as he campaigns to keep his seat in Congress. The article examines Mike Coffman political shift from introducing legislation in 2011, to repealing portions … Continue reading »

Gabe Ortiz: “Trump Says America Doesn’t Win Anymore. The Very Groups He Has Attacked Are Proving Him Wrong At The Olympics”

The following is a blog post written by Gabe Ortiz of America’s Voice, juxtaposing Trump’s racism and bigotry with the spirit and unity of the 2016 Olympics. To view the original post with photos and videos, click here. The groups Donald Trump has attacked since the launch of his Presidential campaign last year have been responsible for winning historic … Continue reading »

As Trump Makes Foreign Policy Speech In Youngstown, Immigrants, Immigration Lawyers, Advocates Available to Comment

As Donald Trump touches down in Youngstown to make a “major” speech on foreign policy and combating terrorism, Ohio immigrants, immigration lawyers, and advocates are available to provide their reaction. The Associated Press is reporting that Trump “will call for a new ideological test for admission to the United States, vetting applicants on their stance on issues like religious freedom, … Continue reading »

On the Fourth Anniversary of DACA, A Reminder of the Stakes of the 2016 Election

Republican Candidates Universally Oppose DACA, DAPA, Executive Action Today marks the four year anniversary of the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for DREAMers, and while DACA changed the lives of 700,000 young immigrants, the results of the 2016 elections could determine the fate of this and other executive actions. While presidential … Continue reading »