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Key Immigration Facts & Questions Ahead of GOP Presidential Forum & Debate This Week

For additional details, contact and please check out the America’s Voice 2016 content, including detailed candidate tracking information, at It’s an article of faith on the Republican campaign trail that the border is out of control and that immigration enforcement is lax – hence, we are experiencing a spike in illegal immigration.  In … Continue reading »

ICYMI: As Trump Says He’ll Win Latino Vote, New Poll Finds 75% of Latinos View Him Negatively

Donald Trump, who is currently leading the Republican presidential contest in national polling, claims he will win the Latino vote in 2016.  However, new polling from NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo underscores the ridiculousness of Trump’s boast, demonstrating instead that the vast majority of Latino voters hold an unfavorable view towards Trump.  For example, 75% view Trump negatively, 61% view … Continue reading »

As GOP Hopefuls Take the Stage in First 2016 Presidential Forum, America’s Voice to Provide Live Coverage, Updates and Commentary

As 14 GOP candidates gather for the first presidential forum of the 2016 campaign—candidates Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilmore have declined to join—immigration is sure to be an issue that takes center stage. Throughout the night, Frank Sharry and America’s Voice will be covering the event and providing live updates through their blog and on … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Greg Sargent Asks if Trump’s Call for Mass Deportation Will Force Other Republicans to Specify their Stance

As we assessed earlier today in a statement, Donald Trump’s comments to CNN endorsing a vision of mass deportation is as extreme as it is ridiculous.  There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in America.  Two-thirds have lived and worked in America for more than a decade.  Most live in families.  Many own homes.  They are intertwined in families and … Continue reading »

Trump Embraces Mass Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants, Followed by Beauty Pageant-Style Readmission Policy

A “Proposal” as Extreme as it is Unserious; and Yet it’s Remarkably Similar to Scott Walker’s While Donald Trump’s comments on immigrants have been mostly been bluster and bigotry, befitting his frontrunner status, he is now venturing into the realm of immigration policy. It is not pretty. In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash yesterday, Trump … Continue reading »

The Trump Effect Picks Up Momentum in Congress

With Markup of Sen. Vitter Bill on the Horizon, America’s Voice Offers a Fresh Reminder of the Political and Policy Perils Associated with Anti-Community Safety Legislation   The Trump Effect continues to make its mark on Congress.  Following a series of GOP-led hearings last week aimed at portraying all immigrants as  criminals (a la Donald Trump’s racist … Continue reading »

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Ohio Immigrant Families Meet With Gov. Kasich And AG DeWine

*** MEDIA AVAILABILITY**** Ohio Immigrant Families Meet with Gov. Kasich and AG DeWine  End Day in Just as Much Limbo as They Started It Cleveland, OH—Yesterday, Ohio immigrants and their U.S. Citizen children, lawyers, and allies headed back to Columbus to meet directly with their Attorney General Mike DeWine and Governor John Kasich in separate meetings.  … Continue reading »

The GOP Made Donald Trump

Coddling Anti-Immigrant Extremists, The GOP Has Brought Trump Effect Upon Itself By indulging, rather than standing up to, the anti-immigrant and nativist sentiments in its midst, the Republican Party has helped catalyze the rise of Donald Trump.  As we head into the first round of presidential primary debates, the Trump Effect threatens to divide the … Continue reading »

The Trump Effect On The GOP Future

What a week! Trump takes the pole position in the race for the GOP nomination, Republicans in Congress follow Trump’s lead on immigration, Spanish-language media report on it all, and serious Republicans worry about the impact of these remarkable developments on the party’s future. Below we highlight three pieces that capture the zeitgeist: today’s lead editorial from … Continue reading »

NEW REPORT: Why Ohio is Ground Zero for the Immigration Debate

New Report Explores Ohio’s Role As a “Border State”; Highlights What’s At Stake As Gov. Kasich Joins the 2016 Race and the Immigration Debate Remains on National Stage Immigration is already poised to be one of the most talked about topics of the 2016 race. Ohio Governor John Kasich’s (R) recent decision to throw his … Continue reading »