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SNL’s “The TBD Story” Perfectly Captures Today’s Spineless, Trump-Rubber-Stamping Republicans

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This last weekend, SNL released a mock trailer called “The TBD Story,” skewering the almost complete lack of any Republicans in Washington who are willing to stand up to Donald Trump.

“It was a country in chaos,” the mock-trailer voiceover intones, “a nation divided, led by a president with unchecked power. Until one Republican finally decided enough was enough. A patriot who put country over party, who finally stood up for his nation’s founding values, a man by the name of . . . TBD.”

“The TBD Story”: No profiles in courage here

That’s “to be determined”, for anyone not in the know, and underscores the fact that there appear to be zero Republicans in Washington who consistently speak out against Trump, even on issues as unconstitutional and un-American as today’s Muslim ban 2.0. Not Paul Ryan, who paints himself as a compassionate conservative but appears to be willing to go along with whatever Trump wants as long as Ryan can get his agenda passed. Not Jason Chaffetz, who spent years leading a witch hunt against Hillary Clinton but can’t be bothered to look into conflicts of interests with foreign governments that are staring him in the face.

Indeed, Trump’s abuses and reign of chaos will likely only be reined in when more Republicans step up alongside Democrats to denounce what Trump stands for. But as to who these Republicans might be….is TBD.