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Immigrant Advocates Won’t Forget the Senators Who Voted Against COVID Relief For Everyone, Regardless of Immigration Status

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On Thursday (2/5), the Senate passed a $1.9 trillion budget resolution for COVID relief, paving the way for Joe Biden’s recovery plan. Although this was a welcomed piece of legislation for many in the country suffering from the pandemic, eight Democrats voted to deny certain individuals relief based on immigration status. Importantly, this amendment, along with other anti-immigrant amendments, were stripped from the bill  later in the process. But the following Democrats clearly flinched when initially asked to support undocumented immigrants, even though millions are risking their lives as essential workers for all of us:

  • Hassan (NH)
  • Kelly (AZ)
  • Sinema (AZ)
  • Manchin (WV)
  • Peters (MI)
  • Stabenow (MI)
  • Tester (MT)
  • Hickenlooper (CO)

Immigrant advocates were watching.