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Incident Report: Washington, DC

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Signs promoting America as “a white nation” were posted on the campus of George Washington University, shocking and upsetting some students.
The signs mirrored those found on many other campuses in recent weeks. Groups that the Anti-Defamation League, which seeks to document and prevent bigotry, identifies as white supremacist have been pushing to spread their message on campuses and recruit college students, according to a recent analysis by the ADL. The report said the groups have been emboldened by current politics, and called it an unprecedented outreach to American college students. The ADL says more than 100 such incidents have happened this academic year, with more than half of them since January.
At George Washington, signs depicted white people with slogans about uniting. A notice “to all white Americans” urges them to report undocumented people to federal authorities. “THEY ARE CRIMINALS. AMERICA IS A WHITE NATION,” the sign reads.