The first episode of Enfoque, a weekly program on Telemundo anchored by José Díaz-Balart, featured several top political figures discussing immigration policy and reform, but headlines indicate that the Spanish-language media is losing hope that reform will pass. Meanwhile, the criminalization bill in Arizona continues to raise alarm in... Continue »
As the Spanish-language press continues to express alarm at the possibility that Arizona will criminalize undocumented immigrants, an ICE raid in that state also makes a splash; and El Diario calls out New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for failing to put his money where his mouth is on immigration... Continue »
The Arizona House of Representatives' passage of a bill criminalizing undocumented immigrants sends shock waves through the Spanish-language press; one First Lady asks another to take care of undocumented children; and over the weekend, two Congressmen told Jorge Ramos that with enough White House leadership immigration reform could pass... Continue »
Many eyes in the Spanish-language media are turned to Arizona, which is one step away from passing a bill criminalizing undocumented immigrants. Meanwhile, comments from Harry Reid about immigration reform in the Senate garner attention, and a trial for the murder of undocumented immigrant Marcelo Lucero is coming to... Continue »
Today, the Spanish-language press covers a Center for American Progress report on the state of the U.S.-Mexico border; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) remarks from Saturday continue to make news; and some "malevolent ideas" are coming out of Arizona lately. Continue »
The Spanish-language media highlights mobilizations performed during the weekend for immigration reform in Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, El Paso, Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and San Diego Continue »
Today, the Spanish-language media highlighted an attack against a Mexican male from Staten Island, New York who was hospitalized after being subjected to a beating and racial insults. Continue »
In the Spanish-language media today, outrage over Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) programs, especially 287(g), continues to simmer. A new study on access to social services also receives coverage, and La Opinión scores an interview with immigrant-bashing California gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner. Continue »
Last week's Department of Homeland Security report criticizing the 287(g) immigration enforcement program continues to be a top story in the Spanish-language press, with outlets also covering the appointment of a Hispanic Archbishop of Los Angeles and the creation of a new anti-immigrant caucus in Congress. Continue »
Today, the Spanish-language press covers reactions to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report criticizing the 287(g) enforcement program. A new California poll shows Republican support for immigration reform, as activists gear up for demonstrations on April 10th. Continue »