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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform / “Qué Pasa” In Immigration Reform, May 26, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

New York Times: A Hillary Clinton Match-Up With Marco Rubio Is a Scary Thought for Democrats
By Jeremy Peters

New York Daily News: Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign hires well-regarded advocate Lorella Praeli as Latino Outreach Director
By Albor Ruiz

Fox News Latino: Clinton’s new hire hails from group that’s repeatedly clashed with her on immigration
By Elizabeth Llorente

Fusion: Inside the many, many problems of the immigration court system
By Michelle Toh

USAToday: Meet the immigration fixers
By Andres Cala

Washington Times: Obama amnesty helps guest-workers and their spouses over laid-off tech workers
By Stephen Dinan

Huffington Post: Atlantic Editor Wonders If Maybe Immigration Has Something To Do With California’s Water Crisis
By Roque Planas

Buzzfeed News: This Mostly Latino City Is So Tough On Immigrants They Call It “Little Arizona”
By David Noriega

Los Angeles Times: Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio asks public’s help with legal fees
By Nigel Duara

ABC News: Man Facing Deportation Gets Out of Jail to Donate Kidney to Sister, Potentially Saving Her Life
By Avianne Tan

Huffington Post: The Stress Of Immigration Can Cause Psychosis, According To New Study
By Anna Almendrala

Los Angeles Times (California): Group says California immigration policies contributed to drought
By Kate Linthicum

Des Moines Register (Iowa): ​Iowa business leaders seek to influence immigration in 2016
By Josh Hafner

Texas Tribune (Texas): Without Two-Thirds Rule, Senate Moving Patrick’s Priorities
By Aman Batheja

New York Times (Opinion): Talent Loves English
By David Brooks

National Journal Magazine (Opinion): His State To Lose
By Tim Alberta

Washington Post (Right Turn): Mike Huckabee: Creating cynicism
By Jennifer Rubin

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): Marco Rubio and the Challenge to Hillary Clinton
By Hoyt Hilsman

Washington Post (Opinion): How, originalism and unitary executive theory strengthen the constitutional case for Obama’s immigration policy
By Ilya Somin

Forbes (Opinion): Smarter Immigration Critics
By Adam Ozinek

Des Moines Register (Op-Ed-Iowa): DREAMer asks: What happened to the party of Lincoln?
By Monica Reyes

Austin American Statesman (Op-Ed-Texas): Rodriguez: Status should not prevent “Dreamers” from attending college
By Texas Rep. Eddie Rodriguez

Austin American Statesman (Op-Ed-Texas): Campbell: We cannot afford to keep subsidizing illegal immigration
By Texas Sen. Donna Campbell

En español:quepasa_espanol

Al Punto: Bill Richardson: “Jeb Bush va ser el contrincante más difícil para Hillary”

Univision.com: Legisladores visitarán centros de detención de inmigrantes en Texas

Noticiero Univisión: Congresistas piden cierre de centros de detención

Noticiero Univisión: Conmemoran soldados hispanos en Memorial Day

Noticiero Univisión: Newark otorga identificaciones a indocumentados

Noticiero Univisión: Atención médica para indocumentados en Illinois

Noticiero Univisión: Polémica ley racista en Fremont

Noticiero Univisión: Síndrome psicológico del migrante deportado

Noticiero Univisión: Legisladores de Nebraska aprueban licencias para dreamers

Noticiero Univisión: Muere inmigrante mexicano en custodia de ICE

La Opinión: Menor salvadoreño secuestrado por los Zetas busca asilo

Por Yurina Melara

La Opinión/MundoFox: Explotación sexual y laboral, las dos caras del tráfico humano

Por Carmen Molina Tamacas

La Opinión/EFE: “Graduación simbólica” para indocumentados en Universidad de la Libertad