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What’s Really at Stake: Donald Trump’s Dangerous Comments About Immigrants Puts America at Risk

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Washington, DC On Saturday, Donald Trump said at a New Hampshire rally that immigrants were “poisoning the blood of our country.” Reuters wrote, “Jason Stanley, a Yale professor and author of a book on fascism … said Trump’s words echoed the rhetoric of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who warned against German blood being poisoned by Jews in his political treatise ‘Mein Kampf’.”

On Sunday, Donald Trump said at a Nevada event: “This is an invasion. This is like a military invasion … Drugs, criminals, gang members and terrorists are pouring into our country at record levels. We’ve never seen anything like it. They’re taking over our cities.”

And throughout the weekend, United States Senators continued to negotiate on a supplemental funding package that includes a host of policies pulled from the Trump and Stephen Miller wishlist – yet questions remain if any legislative package would be enough for Trump and his MAGA allies in the House and Senate.

The following is a statement from Douglas Rivlin, Senior Director of Communication for America’s Voice:

“Even if the White House and Senate agree to the host of extreme asylum and immigration changes in exchange for Ukraine aid, it won’t be enough for Donald Trump and his MAGA allies in the House and Senate. Anything short of marching immigrants at gunpoint across the border will be seen as ‘weak’ by the former president and aspiring dictator. Whatever the Senate does or doesn’t agree to, it certainly won’t stop the dangerous white nationalist rhetoric and anti-immigrant attacks Trump and the GOP will keep deploying.

As Trump makes the ugly and racist subtext ever more explicit, Democrats have a choice on immigration: draw sharp contrasts and lay out their alternative vision for reforming our broken immigration system or give in to the collection of damaging GOP demands on the table, adopt their goal of keeping brown and Black immigrants out at all costs, only to watch many in the Republican Party move the goalposts on immigration once again.

The larger stakes and stark reality is this: Republicans seem content to aid and abet Putin’s aggression and Trump’s incendiary Nazi-era  rhetoric ripped straight out of Hitler’s playbook. Attaching damaging, unrelated and complex immigration policy to the mix only distracts attention from what’s at stake and who’s supporting democracy versus a very frightening alternative.”