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Portman Spanish Language Campaign Ad Leaves Out Important Facts

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Voting Against Immigrants, Supporting Donald Trump are Issues that Matter to Ohio Latinos

Senator Rob Portman is running a new Spanish language ad campaign that leaves out key aspects of his record–facts that Latino voters in Ohio need to know.

Dayton Daily News reports: “The ad — all in Spanish — informs voters that Portman’s priority is ‘to create better jobs.'”

Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio’s Voice, said: “Of course that’s his priority, everyone supports creating better jobs.  But Portman conveniently leaves out other important issues.  He fails to mention the fact that he is supporting Donald Trump for president–a man who has built his campaign around demonizing immigrants from Latin America.  There’s no reference to the fact that Portman himself voted against immigration reform in 2013, keeping the status quo in place and leading to further deportations.  Also, Senator Portman wants to take DACA away from young people, forcing them to lose their jobs and once again face deportation. That’s a record to run from, not a record to be proud of.  No wonder Senator Portman doesn’t include it in his ad.”

“Rob Portman is firmly behind Donald Trump and the current GOP platform on immigration–and firmly against Ohio’s immigrant families.  Speaking Spanish is not a substitute for policies that support our Latino community.  If he won’t tell voters where he really stands, we will,” said Isabel Framer, a Latina activist.

Recent polling of Ohio Latino voters, conducted by Latino Decisions, shows that Portman’s immigration positions are not well-known among the electorate and that Portman is benefitting from the confusion.  Fully 58% of Latino voters say they are less likely to support Portman for Senate after learning about his record on immigration, while 66% say they are less likely to support Portman if he is linked to Donald Trump. Toplines and crosstabs available at the Latino Decisions web site.