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On Immigration: Progress or Paralysis?

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New Congressional Leadership – Will Republicans Choose a New Path, or Follow the Same One into the Political Wilderness?

This week, the Republican and Democratic Parties elected leaders for the 111th Congress.  America’s Voice is excited to work with a new President and new Congress to enact common sense immigration reform.  Below is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Policy Director at America’s Voice, on the leadership elections this week and what they mean for the future of immigration politics and policy.   

“When the story of the 2008 Elections is written, the historic gains by Democrats and losses by Republicans will be credited to many issues.  But the issue of immigration reform-and the Republican Party’s decision to embrace hard-line, deportation-only policies rather than practical, comprehensive immigration reform-played a crucial role in the migration of Latino voters and other swing constituencies from the GOP to the Democratic camp.

“Recently, Republican leaders like former RNC General Chairman Mel Martinez, strategist Karl Rove, and Condoleezza Rice counseled their Party to embrace immigration solutions rather than restrictionist rhetoric.  Martinez said ‘there were voices within our party that if they continue with that kind of anti-Hispanic rhetoric, we’re going to be relegated to minority status,’ and Rice wrote in the New York Times Magazine that comprehensive immigration reform ‘goes to the core of who we are.  I hear some people talking about, well, maybe there should be a timeout on legal immigration, check your last name and see whether or not it came over on the Mayflower.’  In Newsweek, Karl Rove said that in order for the GOP to stay afloat, Republicans must support a solution that ‘strengthens citizenship, grows our economy and keeps America a welcoming nation.’

“The Congressional leadership elections today give both Republicans and Democrats a chance to move away from politics and toward a comprehensive immigration solution that voters want.  Will the new GOP leadership heed the advice of top Republican strategists and change course on immigration?  Or will they press forward with a hard-line approach that could relegate them to minority status for a generation?  Given this year’s election results and the performance of both swing and Latino voters, the best choice is clearly the best policy as well.”

Lynn Tramonte, Policy Director of America’s Voice, and Paco Fabian, Communication Director of America’s Voice will be available to provide on the record comment regarding both leadership teams.  To schedule an interview, please contact Paco Fabian at 202-412-9969.

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