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No Surprise: Trump Does Attract Racists and Bigots

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“Trump Hate Map” a Reminder of Forces Unleashed by Trump

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s dark and divisive rhetoric has become both an inspiration and a vehicle for unapologetic racists. He has become a magnet that attracts the darkest souls in our country. He enables the mainstreaming of ideas and individuals formerly restricted to the fringes of the white nationalist and anti-immigrant movements. Trump has called the question on whether America still aspires to be a nation that respects the contributions of all people, regardless of their race, creed or background, or prefers to retreat to the past.

Starting in summer 2015, America’s Voice created a “Trump Hate Map,” highlighting Trump-inspired acts of bigotry, intolerance, violence, and harassment throughout the country after witnessing numerous events unfold. Unfortunately, we have had to update the map with disturbing frequency over the past year.

It is in this disturbing context that we view the political media-generated “controversy” over Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment. As attention to her comments continues, some have weighed in to highlight that, yes, racially-charged animosity is a core part of Trump and Trump-ism (see Ta-Neishi CoatesBrian BeutlerJamelle BouieGreg SargentAnnie KarniGerman Lopez, and Dana Milbank for particularly insightful assessments). Then last night, Samantha Bee devoted a segment of her show “Full Frontal” to the issue, including highlighting the Trump Hate Map – it’s a must-watch segment.

Each and every observer of contemporary American politics should be under no illusions about the forces Trump is helping to unleash and mainstream. Just see our Hate Map for a reminder.

Check out the Trump Hate Map of Trump-inspired acts of intolerance and violence

Watch the Samantha Bee segment on the “basket of deplorables” controversy, featuring the Hate Map