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New Poll: Voters in Rep. Ross’ District Looking for Leadership on Immigration Reform

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Overwhelming Support for House Immigration Bill Shows that Voters are Looking for Less Talk and More Action

Washington, DC—With new calls to action and events across the country, the pressure on House Republicans to pass immigration reform is at an all-time high.  As the pro-reform movement continues to escalate its intensity, a new poll of likely 2014 votersin Rep. Dennis Ross’ (R-FL) district shows his own constituents are looking for their Congressman to take action.

According to Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, “The results are crystal clear: Ross’ constituents want immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship and they want their Representative to lead.  So far all he’s given them are vague talking points and sound bites but has failed to demonstrate his commitment to making reform a reality.  So what’s he so afraid of?  Ross should follow the will of his constituents and work with Democrats and other Republicans to pass immigration reform now.”

The poll, sponsored by America’s Voice and conducted this week by Magellan Strategies (a Republican-affiliated polling firm), shows that Ross’ constituents overwhelmingly support immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.  According to the results, 78% of likely 2014 voters—including 79% of Republicans– support legislation that would increase border security, block employers from hiring undocumented immigrants and make sure undocumented immigrants already in the U.S. pass a criminal background check and work toward citizenship, provisions included in the bipartisan reform bill HR 15.  If Rep. Ross were to sponsor legislation along these lines, 39% of voters say they would have a more favorable opinion of him, including 51% of Republicans.  Twenty-eight percent of voters say it would not change their opinion either way.

Further, a full 71% of voters—including 77% of Republicans—said that they support the path to citizenship that includes the requirements laid out in HR 15.

Added Daniel Barajas, Director of the Young American Dreamers in Polk County and one of Ross’ constituents, “The majority—over three quarters–of Ross’ constituents are in favor of some sort of immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.  There’s no reason why our Representative of the people, elected by the people, should go against the will of his constituents.  As 2014 draws closer, Rep. Dennis Ross should take note: if he doesn’t follow the majority of his constituents, we’ll have to vote for someone who will.”

Florida leaders and advocates have been targeting Ross for moths, with prayer vigils, face to face meetings, rallies and acts of civil disobedience.  While he’s made some positive comments about moving reform forward, he has yet to take action and show leadership in moving reform forward.


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