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National Latino Evangelical Coalition Laments Detention Pastor Noe Carias

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Los Angeles, California — The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) supports the Assemblies of God Hispanic Superintendents call to reconsider the detention and deportation of Pastor Noe Carias, an Assemblies of God pastor in California.

Yesterday, Pastor Carias was detained and his stay of removal, which has been in effect for several years, has now been denied. He was detained while reporting for one of his immigration check-ins. He has sought to comply with these check-ins as his petitions were being processed.

Pastor Noe Carias ministers to a thriving church, is married to a citizen and has two citizen children. He has no criminal record; his only offense was to enter the country without permission as a teenager, 25 years ago. His lawyer has submitted petitions for his qualifying cases and for removal of his deportation orders. However, he was detained as he came to his check-in at the ICE office. He is now facing deportation.

For several months, The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) has been supporting the cause to stay the orders of deportation for Pastor Noe. In April of this year, at the request Assemblies of God leader Dr. Sergio Navarrette, NaLEC wrote a letter to ICE in support of Pastor Noe and his wife, Victoria.  According to Southern District Superintendent Dr. Sergio Navarette, “Pastor Noe Carias is and has been a faithful and very active member, local church leader, and pastor of the Southern Pacific District of the Assemblies of God for the past 23 years. It’s our prayer, hope and desire for ICE to grant the stay of removal for him. He’s married to Mrs. Carias, a US Citizen, and they both have two precious children. As their Superintendent, I’ve known Pastor Carias for many years and I can testify of his faithful service to God and to our Hispanic people for many years.”

Dr. Gabriel Salguero, an Assemblies of God pastor and president of NaLEC, expressed deep concern about the decision to detain and deport Pastor Noe. “NaLEC is supporting the Assemblies of God Superintendents on Pastor Noe’s behalf as fellow-pastors because our understanding of the national immigration priorities by the Department of Homeland Security and the White House do not seem to accord with the detention and deportation of Pastor Carias. We were told that enforcement would focus on threats to the community. Pastor Carias is a leader, family man, and pastor. As evangelical leaders, the deportation of Pastor Carias does not seem to be congruent with these priorities.”

The National Latino Evangelical Coalition is praying for and petitioning our representatives to help us ensure justice for Pastor Carias and his family and an immediate stay of his removal.

The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) is a network of Hispanic evangelical and pentecostal pastors, churches, and not-for-profits committed to Gospel-centered movements and influencing for the common good.