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Local Leaders Across the Country Pledge to Protect Undocumented Immigrants

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Local leaders from nearly 30 states have now affirmed or are reaffirming commitments to help protect their undocumented immigrant neighbors from Donald Trump’s destructive deportation proposals. Mayors, police chiefs, faith leaders, and the heads of large universities and private institutions are pledging to defend immigrant residents of their communities and explaining why these immigrants are woven into the fabric of their cities.

Below, we excerpt some of the recent and relevant examples of local leaders speaking out on behalf of their immigrant neighbors. See the full, state-by-state overview of quotes from community leaders across the country available here. 

In Arizona, Mayor Greg Stanton said in a statement, “The Phoenix Police Department will never turn into a mass deportation force, even if the new government in Washington, D.C., threatens to revoke federal dollars… This is something worth fighting for, and we will not be bullied into taking backward steps on civil rights.’” Arizona State University President Michael Crow joined other college presidents in voicing support for the program, “I want to emphasize that Arizona State University’s commitment to DACA students and to all DREAMers remains unchanged.”

In California, officials in BerkeleyDavisOaklandSacramento,  San Francisco, and Santa Cruz reaffirmed their ‘sanctuary cities’ status and vowed to protect DREAMers and undocumented immigrants.

In Connecticut, Governor Dannel Malloy’s spokesperson stated, “We are a nation of immigrants and, here in Connecticut, we celebrate the value immigrant families bring to our communities and the contributions they make to our economy… (Malloy) does not and will not support deporting our residents to areas where they aren’t going to be safe.”

In Massachusetts, Boston Mayor Walsh pledged that “We are a welcoming city for all. These are Boston values and no policy will change them.”

In Ohio, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson explained, “’We’re not an arm of the immigration authorities. We don’t detain someone because they’re an immigrant.  Neither do we question them as to their immigration status,’”

In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Mayor Kenney stated, “Philadelphia remains a ‘sanctuary city’ despite a threat to its future status from President-elect Donald Trump”

In Texas, newly elected Austin Sheriff Sally Hernandez vowed to turn the city into Texas’ first  ‘sanctuary city,’ as other cities pledged to protect their Latino communities.

Additional information and quotes from nationwide community leaders are available here.