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Letter to Univision from America’s Voice and More than 80 Organizations Calls for Higher Journalistic Standards Following Egregious Donald Trump Interview

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Read the full letter HERE

Washington, DC – Following Univision’s recent softball interview of Donald Trump, and given renewed questions about the network’s new direction, America’s Voice joined with more than 80 other organizations in a letter to Univision executives demanding accountability and higher journalistic standards. 

Recent reporting on Trump’s proposed plans for a second term are a flashing red alert for what’s at stake in the upcoming elections. The country and Latino community are at risk of a fundamental and irreversible change should Trump be allowed back into the White House, which makes Univision’s decision to treat Trump with kid gloves all the more disturbing. 

Excerpts from the new letter to Univision from America’s Voice and more than 80 other organizations are copied below, and the full version is available online HERE.

“The confidence bestowed on Univision is built on the understanding that the network is committed to telling the real story about Hispanics in the U.S. while adhering to the highest journalistic standards and reporting integrity, and doing what true journalists do best — speaking truth to power.

This trust has been betrayed. It is beyond alarming to learn that Univision’s leadership is giving former president Donald Trump— the most anti-Latino and anti-immigrant president in modern American history— unquestioned access and allowed him to spread falsehoods unchecked.”

According to Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“It is deeply alarming for Univision to give the most anti-Latino and anti-immigrant president in modern history a platform to spread his falsehoods unchallenged to millions in the U.S. and abroad. Univision’s mission is to ‘inform and empower’ the Latino community in the U.S., but it is hard to take that seriously following the Trump interview. Former President Trump and his allies are telegraphing a scorched earth approach to citizenship, law, and immigration in a possible second term that will impact millions, including having a disproportionate impact on the Univision viewing audience.”

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