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Kevin McCarthy Chooses Trump and His Border Wall over California

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Will other California GOP House members and candidates support McCarthy and his anti-immigrant agenda?

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy made public this week his plans to introduce legislation chock full of anti-immigrant provisions that includes funding for Trump’s border wall at the cost of $23.4 billion.

McCarthy hopes to become the next GOP leader so is burnishing his anti-immigrant credentials to appease Trump and his caucus. In doing so, he is undermining his district, the economy of California — particularly the agricultural industry — and the other members of the California GOP delegation.

The Bakersfield Republican might pretend otherwise, but overwhelmingly his district and his part of the country rely on immigrant labor to make it one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world.

Of course, making the announcement at a right-wing site demonstrates this is as much of a political stunt as a policy announcement. The timing is suspect, as well. Currently, Republicans, including the Super PAC tied to Paul Ryan, have been  running anti-immigrant attacks ads, following a strategy laid out by Trump aide Stephen Miller.

Adriana Ruggiero, America’s Voice California Director, said:

Immigrants are an essential part of California. Our state wouldn’t function without them. Kevin McCarthy knows that. McCarthy wants to be the next GOP House leader and is now promoting himself as an immigration hard-liner in the image of Trump. That may appeal to the Steve King wing of the party, but what does it mean for California? What does it mean for Devin Nunes, David Valadao, Jeff Denham, Mimi Walters, Steve Knight, Young Kim, Duncan Hunter  and Diane Harkey? Their prospective leader is pushing policies that will directly harm our state. Will they stand up to McCarthy? Probably not. But, media and voters should get the message: if McCarthy becomes speaker, he’ll do Trump’s bidding, and that won’t be good for our state.

For California House Republican members and candidates, each of them should be asked about McCarthy’s obvious political ploy. They should all be asked two questions: do you support McCarthy’s anti-immigrant legislation with full funding for the border wall? And, will you support an anti-immigrant leader, like McCarthy, to head your caucus?