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Immigration and the General Election: The Stakes, Contrasts, and Threats

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Washington, DC — With both Donald Trump and Joe Biden officially moving into general election mode, the salience and politics of immigration remain a major campaign focus. Below are a few key developments and commentaries from recent days, capturing the important stakes and contrasts and a reminder that what Donald Trump is proposing on immigration is both unpopular and dangerous for Americans and American democracy.

According to Zachary Mueller, Senior Research Director of America’s Voice: 

“As we enter the general election, the political conversation about immigration has made clear the stakes for the nation and our democracy. Trump and his allies are promising an unpopular radical vision that includes a military operation of mass roundups, detention and deportation, while amplifying a conspiracy that falsely blames immigrants for polluting the ballot box and setting up a pretext for another violent assault on our democracy. As this ugly and dangerous vision becomes apparent to more Americans, President Biden and Democrats have a renewed opportunity to draw forceful contrasts that better connect with the majority of Americans. Trump’s dystopian vision is in stark contrast to the American spirit embodied by the Statue of Liberty that recognizes immigrants as essential to the American project, not a threat to it. Democrats can and should speak to this hopeful vision of our future with the confidence that the solid majority is with them.”

Key reads include:

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