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ICYMI: The Day Donald Trump “Chickened Out”

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New La Opinión Editorial:  “He Adds ‘Coward’ to the Many Adjectives That Describe Him”

Following Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of a Q&A session with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce this week, the editorial board of the leading Spanish language media outlet, La Opinión, did not miss a beat.  In their latest piece, entitled, “The Day Donald Trump ‘Chickened Out,’” the editorial board issues their strong condemnation of Trump’s “cowardly” decision to pull out of the event and “assume responsibility for his actions and words.”

The full editorial is a must-read.  It’s available online here and pasted below:

In the end, Donald Trump “chickened out.” At the last minute The Republican primary frontrunner cancelled his speech at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), part of a series of meetings between the presidential candidates and Latino entrepreneurs. In his usual dishonest and derogatory manner, Trump shied away from the chance to clarify his positions and to assume responsibility for his actions and words.

His appearance had been arranged during a meeting between the millionaire and USHCC president Javier Palomarez, and scheduled for October 8 at Washington’s Newseum. According to Palomarez, Trump wanted to change the format ‒ which is the same for all candidates ‒ in an attempt to control the content and dynamics of an event that promised to be intense due to his comments about Latino immigrants. When he couldn’t get what he wanted, he called off his appearance.

On that day, the Republican will be hiding at a mass rally in Nevada, where he will perform his entertainment act instead of behaving as a serious contender for the White House seat. As expected, Trump resorted to lying, saying that such an agreement was never made ‒ even though he had mentioned it to a news outlet, ‒ and accused the USHCC of trying to get money from him.

This will definitely not help improve Trump’s image among Latinos. After bashing immigrants and hiding behind those who agree with him, he adds “coward” to the many adjectives that describe him. His supporters are not likely to change much either, as they have long accepted his exaggerations, insults and lies by immaturely justifying them with the phrase “he says what’s on his mind.”

At least a significant portion of the GOP political base is angry enough at their current politicians that they have three people without experience in public service as elected officials who say outrageous things ‒ Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Trump ‒ among their favorites to lead the United States. Trump is the angriest and most popular among them.

A businessman like Trump should have considered Latino industrialists a friendlier forum for him. Now that he, daringly, humiliated them as he ran off to another commitment, he has added the entrepreneurs to the list of his offended critics.