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ICYMI: “Pressure mounts on Democrats to deliver on immigration reform”

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Washington, DC – As the pressure mounts for Democrats to pass the Build Back Better bill – legislation that includes immigration reform measures – Jess Morales Rocketto of the National Domestic Worker Alliance and Alida Garcia of FWD.us appeared on MSNBC Sunday night with Alicia Menendez to make a compelling case for why Democrats need to deliver.  

  • Jess Morales Rocketto, Political Director of the National Domestic Worker Alliance: “Passing the Build Back Better agenda next week will allow them to say, not only that they care, but Democrats actually deliver on the things that matter. You don’t need to worry about what kind of message you have at the midterms when you actually make a difference in people’s lives and they can feel it; like the millions of people who don’t have to worry about getting deported, millions of jobs that will be created by the Build Back Better agenda, and millions of people who will get an investment in child tax credits and everything else.”
  • Alida Garcia, the Vice President of Advocacy for FWD.us: “We are at the stage of the game that Democrats control this process, so if immigration were to slip out of this bill it would be because Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, or President Biden decided to. And my hope is that after four years of Donald Trump bullying immigrants that that would not be the decision that Democrats make at this time and they are able to deliver on their promises.”