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ICYMI: Accused El Paso Gunman Has Been Charged With Federal Hate Crimes

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Man stated he was targeting “Mexicans” when he killed 22 people in El Paso and was indicted on dozens of hate crime charges

Yesterday, the man accused of killing 22 people in an El Paso Wal-Mart after driving 11 hours across Texas was indicted on 90 federal charges including dozens of hate crimes. Along with confessing to the shooting, he told police that he was targeting Mexicans, and in an online post believed to be published by the shooter, ranted against immigrants and described refugees as “hostile invaders.”

According to Mario Carrillo, Campaigns Manager for America’s Voice: 

El Pasoans are one day closer to justice. In a hateful act that incited widespread fear among Latinos and immigrants in the U.S., it was imperative that the shooter also be charged with hate crimes. The language he used is not all that different from the language used by elected officials, starting with President Trump, when describing immigrants and refugees and it’s important to understand that hateful words can lead to hateful actions. 

My hometown is still reeling from the carnage inflicted by the shooter, and the impact was felt on both sides of the border. And during an election season that will likely continue to see ads that paint immigrants in a certain light, I implore anyone running for office to ensure that their campaigns are free from fear-mongering and hate that can lead to violence.