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Frank Sharry Reacts to Pope Francis’s Address to Congress

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“Let Us Hope that Our Leaders Take the Holy Father’s Powerful Message to Heart”

Following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, responding to this morning’s address from Pope Francis to the U.S. Congress:

“Today, the Pope spoke to the common humanity that binds us all together as Americans and as citizens of the world. He captured the essence of our nation and the core values of our society in a way that challenges our leaders to transcend the political polarization of the moment and build a better future for the quiet, hardworking and dispossessed among us.

“He defined the greatness of our nation as a beacon of inspiration and hope for people around the globe. He called on Americans to live true to our history and to treat others as we would expect to be treated – by welcoming immigrants who have come to our shores in pursuit of their dreams of a better life and by protecting refugees who have fled violence and persecution.

“At this moment, with many political candidates and elected officials fanning the flames of intolerance and divisiveness, let us hope that our leaders take the Holy Father’s powerful message to heart.”