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NEW REPORT: Three Months of Dreamer Dinners: Immigrant Youth Meet With Over Forty Elected Officials to Share Stories, Explain Need for Dream Act

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View photos from all of our Dreamer Dinners here.

Back in July, America’s Voice announced the “Dreamer Dinners” campaign, which seeks to bring together immigrant youth and elected officials to build public awareness about the need for Congress to pass the Dream Act. Anyone can host a Dreamer Dinner  – they have been held in restaurants, offices, and homes.

Dreamers and allies from all over the country answered our call, and organized almost two dozen Dreamer Dinners attended by over forty federal, state, and local officials and candidates.  Some took place before Donald Trump’s rescission of DACA, and participants revealed their hopes and fears for the deferred action program. Some took place after, and Dreamers who attended pressed their elected officials for concrete details on how they would help the Dream Act pass.

Today, America’s Voice released a new report about the Dinners, the Dreamers; elected officials; and allies who attended; and the campaign’s significance. Read the full report here.

The program will continue until the Dream Act is passed.  Find out how you can host one here, and read more about dinners that have already taken place here.