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America’s Voice Congratulates Community and Labor Groups Who Worked to Turn Hate into Political Power in Virginia


On Wednesday morning at 11 am eastern, America’s Voice will release a 1,600-person Election Eve survey of Latino, Asian American, African American, and white voters. The poll, conducted by Latino Decisions, will show the margins, views on key issues and the reach of air and ground games.

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Tonight, voters in Virginia soundly rejected the divisive politics of Ed Gillespie and the Virginia GOP. More importantly, Virginia voters supported a forward looking message that embraces Virginians regardless of what they look like, where they’re from, how they worship, or who they love.

The following is a statement from Julio Lainez, State Director at America’s Voice Virginia:

Tonight, voters in Virginia soundly rejected the politics of division and bigotry, and instead converted hate into political power. Virginians said no to the nativist, anti-immigrant, Trump/Corey Stewart playbook, and instead opted for a forward looking message built on hope and appealing to the aspirations of every resident of the commonwealth.

As a Virginian, I congratulate Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, and Mark Herring on their victories tonight, and I urge all Virginians to come together to heal the wounds opened during the campaign. What tonight proved was that diversity, far from being a campaign cudgel, is what truly makes our commonwealth great. Congratulations to Elizabeth Guzman – the first Latina elected to the Virginia House of Delegates – and the sterling lineup of candidates that won tonight, Kathy Tran, Hala Ayala, Danica Roem, and Jennifer Carroll Foy, among others.

Much work needs to be done to protect our Dreamers in Virginia and the thousands of Central Americans that depend on TPS. This, however, is a first step, and it sends a clear message to candidates running in 2018: The Trump/Corey Stewart Political Playbook leads to political oblivion. It failed in Virginia, because community groups like CASA in Action knocked on tens of thousands of doors turning out voters to say yes to unity, and no to divisiveness.

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

Ed Gillespie and the Virginia Republican Party made a deliberate decision to conduct their campaign using the racist rhetoric of Donald Trump. Tonight, the citizens of Virginia soundly rejected the Trump and Gillespie playbook of division and hate and instead voted for unity and progress.

This weekend, Trump’s political guru Steve Bannon predicted a Gillespie win, because he had adopted Trump’s tactics. Trump endorsed, regularly tweeted, and did robo-calls for Gillespie. Voters in the increasingly diverse Commonwealth, particularly Latinos, Asian Americans and African Americans, strongly rejected the demagoguery of Gillespie’s campaign ads.

The punditry was prepared to write the story of how immigration issues were the reasons that Democrats lost – or lost ground – and how immigrant voters didn’t show up to beat back the attack. Well, just the opposite turned out to be the case. Voters rejected the nativist ads and immigrant voters showed up to be heard. As a proud Virginia resident, I want to congratulate the voter mobilization efforts of community groups and the labor movement. Thank you for making sure communities of color helped win the day for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

To join tomorrow’s 11am ET call and webinar, please dial 877-876-9173, Passcode: Virginia Poll, WEBINAR: