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Rep. Henry Cuellar: The Lives of Dreamers Are At Stake, Our Country Needs a Dream Act Now

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Austin, TX – Yesterday, Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX-28) said during an interview that he could conceivably end the year by voting on a spending package that didn’t include the Dream Act.

Rep. Cuellar represents Laredo and a district that includes more than 8,400 young peoplewho would benefit from the Dream Act that would allow them to further contribute to the country they call home.

Mario Carrillo, State Director of America’s Voice Texas said,

Congress has an historic opportunity to deliver a Dream Act before the end of the year and finally passing legislation that the vast majority of Americans support.

Rep. Cuellar needs to know that there are hundreds of Dreamers who are losing their DACA status every day and we can’t wait until March 5 to come to a permanent solution, when thousands of Dreamers will start to lose status and be under threat of deportation.

Rep. Cuellar must only look to the 34 Republican Members of Congress who have urged Speaker Paul Ryan to address the issue before the end of year to understand the urgency felt in our communities.

To vote on a spending bill which does not include a Dream Act is to vote for the deportation of Dreamers. We will continue to urge Members of Congress like Rep. Cuellar to act now.