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Conservative Judiciary Green-lights Jared’s Border Wall Land Grab

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The conservative three-judge panel issued a divided 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that green-lights the Trump Administration decision to raid $3.6 billion in funds appropriated by Congress to help military families and boost military construction for the Trump border wall boondoggle. Trump, unsurprisingly, is already crowing about the news on Twitter.

According to Mario Carrillo, Campaigns Manager of America’s Voice :

This is how the Republican Party rolls these days. A newly-packed conservative judiciary gives the go-ahead on border wall construction that is based on Jared Kushner’s land grab of land owned by private citizens in Texas for generations. 

Even though a majority of the Senate and the House voted to overturn Trump’s decision to declare an emergency for this purpose, enough Republican senators, including Texas’ own John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, voted to uphold Trump’s constitutionally dubious move. The majority of the public opposes a border wall, but today’s GOP isn’t interested in the country’s democratic will or the separation of powers, it is interested in serving their Dear Leader.

Jared Kushner has taken on the task of building the wall and grabbing the land from private landowners to do so. We look forward to hearing how Jared’s conversations go with the military veterans, longtime Texans, and Trump 2016 voters who are not exactly happy that the government plans to seize their property.

Raiding military projects, subverting the will of Congress, undermining the Constitution, and seizing private landowners’ property, all in pursuit of an unpopular, ineffective, and racist border wall obsession will not be forgotten in Texas.