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Columbus City Council’s Ordinance Protecting Immigrants Is A Strong Step In The Right Direction

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On Monday night, the Columbus City Council unanimously voted to formalize Mayor Andrew Ginther’s executive order making Columbus, Ohio a refuge for immigrants.

The new ordinance passed by the council prohibits city workers from using city money, equipment or personnel solely to find and apprehend people based on their suspected immigration status, unless it is ordered by a court and says the city cannot use a person’s immigration status to deny them services.

According to Matt Hildreth, Political Director of America’s Voice based in Columbus, Ohio:

All immigrants should feel safe calling the police in emergency situations, regardless of their status. Our community is safer when everyone can call the police. Our law enforcement officials are called to protect and serve everyone and that call should not be altered by the politics of Donald Trump. The City Council’s ordinance and the Mayor’s Executive order shows that the residents of Columbus still run our town — not Donald Trump.

According to Virginia Nunes Gutierrez, Board Chair of Avanza Together, a Columbus-based nonprofit serving the immigrant community:

We, as a city, have come together to show the nation that we stand together in support of our community, regardless of nationality or ethnicity. This is not only a win for immigrants, this is a win for progress and inclusivity for our country. It starts city by city. We will prevail.