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Bloomberg Editorial the Latest to Call on Congress to Pass a Clean Dream Act

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Yesterday, we lifted up editorials fromWashington PostWall Street JournalNew York Timesand Los Angeles Times, denouncing the White House’s new “immigration principles.” Bloomberg adds its voice to the mix in a piece entitled “Trump’s Dreamer Deal-Breaker,” stating that “800,000 of America’s most productive young people should not be used as bargaining chips” in the debate.

Below are key excerpts:

The moral and economic cases for granting the Dreamers the right to remain in the U.S. are clear and compelling. They are American in every sense but legal, and the U.S. has already invested in their education and upbringing. Why kick them out now, to countries many of them don’t even know, when they are poised to contribute to the U.S.?

Worse yet would be linking their fate to the passage of measures that are a mix of ignoble and ineffective.


Trump still has time to reconsider his strategy and avoid another legislative defeat. Supporting passage of the clean Dream Act of 2017, which has already been introduced, would not only give him his first real legislative achievement. It would also give the national debate over comprehensive immigration reform the respect and attention it deserves.

Read the editorial in its entirety here.