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America’s Voice Releases New “SCOTUS 101” Series in Lead Up to High Court Decision on DAPA/DACA+ Lawsuit

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“SCOTUS 101” Will Provide Key Resources on the Lawsuit & Answer the Immigrant Community’s Burning Questions about What’s at Stake for Them and their Families

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to grant cert to the Texas-led lawsuit blocking the President’s DAPA and expanded DACA programs, there’s been much speculation about what this means; what comes next; and of course, what’s at stake for millions of immigrants and their families.

In response, Americas Voice is releasing a new “SCOTUS 101” series of DAPA/DACA+ resources to provide answers to these questions and more.  In the latest installment, released today, America’s Voice offers an helpful explainer on the legal issue of “standing”—describing what standing is and why it matters in simple terms, in both English and Spanish (see the post in English and Spanish).

Other SCOTUS 101 resources available to the public include a Google hangout featuring leading immigration advocates and legal experts explaining the case (watch a recording of the conversation here); a check list infographic(available in English and Spanish) explaining the next steps in the legal process; as well as DAPAQuestions.org where individuals can submit their own questions and have them answered by the leading immigration lawyers in a public forum.

You can find all these SCOTUS 101 resources and more at the America’s Voice website here.  

Over the next several weeks, America’s Voice will continue releasing new “explainers” about key aspects of the case.  Stay tuned!