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America’s Voice and MoveOn.Org Team Up To ‘Dump Trump’ From SNL

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Groups Launch New National Effort to Show NBC, ‘Mass Deportation Is Not Funny’
Washington, DC—Today America’s Voice and MoveOn.Org Political Action launched a petition urging NBC to drop Donald Trump as the host on their upcoming November 7th episode. Trump’s invitation to host the popular sketch comedy show comes just three months after NBC claimed to cut ties with the candidate over his insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants. By inviting Trump to host Saturday Night Live, NBC is belittling the real life consequences of Trump’s hateful rhetoric and implicitly condoning his behavior for the sake of ratings—and at the expense of millions of Latino and immigrant viewers. 
With this petition (which has already gained over 5,000 signatures), America’s Voice and MoveOn.Org hope to remind NBC that Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-Latino comments are not just political theater, but the policy proposals of the current frontrunner for the Republican nomination for President. Trump’s immigration plan calls for the expulsion of 25% of the nation’s Latino community, including some 5 million U.S. citizen children in an 18-24 month period. If his radical plan was successful, it would be one of the worst humanitarian atrocities in modern history.
Says Juan Escalante, Digital Campaigns Manager at America’s Voice, “After early support for the immigrant community, NBC is showing their true colors here. Donald Trump is running one of the most hateful and offensive campaigns in recent history and the fact that the network has decided to give him a megaphone is shameful and disappointing. This is a stark departure from the ‘dignity and respect’ they demanded from Trump in June and a slap in the face for the Latino and immigrant community.”
Added Alejandro Chavez, MoveOn National Field Campaign Organizer, “It is appalling to see NBC and ‘Saturday Night Live’ give essentially free campaign ad time to a candidate intent on spewing anti-immigrant hate. We are proud to stand with our allies at America’s Voice and our Latino and immigrant, documented and undocumented, brother and sister, and demand that NBC does the right thing, again, and dumps Trump — this time for good.”
It is shameful for NBC to provide Trump with yet another platform for his bigotry—bigotry that has already had dangerous consequences in many immigrant communities. Just this week, Trump supporters were caught on camera spitting on immigration advocates in Virginia, behavior that has become the new normal at Trump events. Since August, America’s Voice has been tracking anti-immigrant and anti-Latino incidences tied to Trump on our “Trump Hate Map” and the pattern is disturbing to say the least. View the “Trump Hate Map” here.
The America’s Voice/MoveOn.Org petition already has over 5,000 signatures. Click here to sign the petition.
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